Home Decoration: White Room with Black Curtains

Home Decoration White Room with Black Curtains

Simplicity is attractive when it comes to decor your room. Decoring your room in a simple yet elegantly can be joyful if you know how to do it. People tend to deco their rooms with colorful elements. But what if the room can be elegant and sophisticated without having any eye-catching colors. You can definitely make your room look classy with the color white. You just need to match few things and combine the furniture with the color white. For example, you can use black curtains, pillows, rug. Let’s get to how you can decor in the white room with black curtains.

How to decor the white room

Decorating your white-colored room can be fun and overwhelming. White is the color of peace and calmness. You will find inner peace in your white-colored room. White color can make your room cozy, welcoming and can even bring your personality out to your visitors. Besides, white color can never go out of style. You can add the color white to every room in your house. From your bedroom to the veranda. However, we are going to give you a brief discussion about how to decor your room in white.

decorating with black curtains

Tips to decor any white room

  1. Keep some fresh flowers in the room, or you can add some green plants. This can make your room more uplifted.
  2. Use warm lighting for your white-colored room. Why? warm lighting will make your room bright at night.
  3. Choose wooden furniture. Any wooden furniture will go with the color white and will make your room look bright.
  4. Add sparkly, glittery, or shiny products to your room.
  • Bedroom: Let’s start with the bedroom. If you want to make your bedroom cozier, warmer, or cheerful then the color white is suitable. You can add beige color with white. Sounds dull? Not at all. This is pure monochrome. This will make your room look cozy and welcoming. Even better. But if you are not a beige color fan then you can go for classic black color. Add black color curtains, a black-framed bed, or any other pieces of furniture. So, using black or beige with your white-colored bedroom may sound good now.

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  • Living room: Your living room can be dull and boring, right? So, how you’re gonna make it friendly and welcome to your visitors? Very simple. You can decor the room with the color white. If you have wooden tiles in your living room then white is perfect for decor. Because wooden color tile with white furniture will complement each other and will uplift your room. So, add white sofa’s, a center table, and a lampshade in your wooden living room. You can add a baby pink or beige cushion for the sofa. Also, you may add green plants to the room.

black curtains bedroom ideas

  • Dining space: Can you make your dining space more spacious or roomy? Well of course you can. In order to make that you can go for a white dining table or white dinner set on a black dining table. Use metallic, sparkly accessories to bring life to the room. You can make your simple dining space more modern and delighted with the help of sparky, golden accessories. So, to make your dull or should I say simple dining space look classy, add some golden accessories to the room.


  • Kitchen: Who said the kitchen has to be so basic and it has no fun? Try the combination of beige-black-white for your kitchen room. You can add wooden tiles or black tiles to your kitchen room and white cabinet to make your kitchen look more sophisticated. A white cabinet is very clean and fresh to look at. In addition, you can add some green plants in your kitchen room to look more fresh and overwhelming.


  • Bathroom: In the modern era, bathrooms have become more fashionable than ever. Now people like to decor the bathroom also. So, how do you decorate your bathroom? You can choose between white and black to use any of them as an accent color for your bathroom. If you choose black as an accent color then use white color for tiles. This will complement the room. In addition, you may use a golden-colored frame for your basin’s mirror. On the other hand, if you want to mix black and white color for styling your tile then you can choose a design such as geometrical illusion, or chic hex.

Colors that go with White

The white color is an empty canvas where you can add any other color you want. White is the timeless color to decorate your home. You can decor the whole house with white with any other color. But here is a short suggestion for you to understand the combination.

List of bold colors:

  1. Royal blue-White
  2. Bright red-White
  3. Emerald green-White
  4. Purple-White
  5. Black-White

List of light colors:

  1. Sunny yellow-White
  2. Ocean blue-White
  3. Beige-WHite
  4. Coral-White
  5. Baby pink-White
  6. black curtain ideas for living room


In short, white color can never be dull and boring. Because it can be used with any other color. This color suits every color. Use white color as an accent, furniture, curtains, or even tiles. Your room will look elegant and classy with every touch of white. So, without any hesitation use white color for your home decoration.

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