How to Make Clear Ice at Home

How to Make Clear Ice at Home

You may wish to have a cocktail at your home. Okay, not a cocktail but I’m sure you crave the ice of the bar’s cocktail, right? I mean you wanna make some fresh, clear ice at home also. You want to make clear ice at home but the ice you make at home turns out cloudy ice, not like the bar’s ice, that crystal clear one. So what goes wrong that we don’t get the crystal clear ice at home? Don’t worry, we are here to tell you how to make clear ice at home.

How to Make Clear Ice at Home

Look, it’s not rocket science to make clear ice at home. But you need to pay attention to a few things like the water you use, the cube tray, how much time you spend on making the water cool, etc. Let’s start from the beginning. This article process all the guideline for the beginners to make clear ice t home. Also, you will get to know the techniques and requirements to use the cube tray or ice maker to make clear ice at home.

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The water you use should be chemical-free. Most of the palatable water we drink that contains some chemical substances, pathogen, water minerals, etc. In order to get clear ice, your vehicle which is water should be free from all these substances. Another biggest problem is the air that the water contains. The air present in the water gets trapped as a bubble in the ice and makes the ice cloudy and do not let it become crystal. So now you know that to get clear ice first you need to make sure the water you use must be clear. To get that you need some distilled water. Distilled water is one kind of purified water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into the liquid. By this process of distillation, the waters become purified that it can give you crystal ice at home.

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So to make clear ice at home, start with boiling your tap water. Boiling the water will give you pathogen-free water that is safe to use. If the boiled water turns out cloudy then let it sit and then sieve it with a clean cloth or coffee paper or paper boiling towel. After the water-cooled into room temperature, you can boil it again to get a better result. And make sure to cover the pan so that no dust can ruin your freshly boiled water. That’s the first step to make clear ice at home.


Is there any directional way to freeze your ices? Yes, of course, there is! You must have noticed that the ice you make at home usually remains cloudy at the center part. This is because the water in your ice tray freezes at the outside of the cube first, as that’s the first part to cool down in the cold air of your freezer. As the water freezes it pushes any impurities into the still-wet — that is, unfrozen — part of the water. That means that any cloudiness is concentrated in the center, the final part to freeze when you make traditional ice cubes. So to get rid of this cloudiness and to make clear ice at home you need to freeze your ices directionally.

  1. Set the degrees at 30, this will take a whole night to freeze your ice. What’s the benefit from it? The only benefit is that the air bubble or the impurities have to escape the ice rather than trapped inside the ice. Because the slower time you will get to make the ice sit, the longer the impurities and bubbles have to escape. Or you can take out the cube tray every 5 minutes. This will also make the ice longer time to sit.
  2. For this method, you will need a regular ice cooler, a serrated knife, and a hammer. When the water freezes, the impurities form at the end of the freezing process. So, by forcing the freezing to go from the top to the bottom, we are able to separate the impurities from the cloudiness. So start with filling water into the cooler and place it into the freezer and leave it for 24 hours. After 24 hours you will see that it only froze about halfway down. Remove the shell that formed at the top and you will get a clear ice block. Wash the block to get clear edges. Cut it with the serrate knife and hammer. You will finally get crystal clear ice at home. To make clear ice at home this is the directional freezing process.

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Cube Tray

You can make clear ice at home with the help of a cube tray. It’s cheaper to use but a little complicated to use. So it has three separate parts, put all parts together tightly. Then pour the tray with hot water as we discussed earlier cold water holds some impurities. So use filtered or boiled hot water or let it sit at room temperature. After pouring leave it for 26 hours. After 26 hours, remove the three separate parts. To get rid of the bottom part of the water using a hammer to break it. After collecting the ice from the cube tray you will get the cloud-free, crystal ice just like bars. This is a complicated way to make clear ice at home.

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Ice maker

If you have an ice maker at home then you don’t need to get along with all the processes to make clear ice at home because it will take only 15 minutes to make ice at home in a brand new ice maker. Just pour the tray with hot boiled water. You will get the ice within 15 minutes. But the only problem with this ice maker is that it gives you smaller ice cubes. So you need to make more ice cubes to store.


Whether you make clear ice at home with an ice maker or cube tray your goal is to have a non cloudy, bigger shape ice cube. With that, you can enjoy your drinks at home just like bars. So to get the clear ices at home make sure to follow all the necessity. If you want to have the bartender’s skill, start with making crystal ice at home.

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