Miter Saw Vs Table Saw – Full Compression

Miter Saw Vs Table Saw - Full Compression consume home

Saws make a lot of changes in the woodcutting industry. Almost every workstation has different kinds of saw for cutting wood. Not only in the workshop, but you will get this tool in many houses also. Some people needs saw very often in their daily life. As there is a lot of category in saws, Miter Saw and Table Saw are quite popular among those people who have saws in their home. Today we are gonna discuss the Miter Saw vs Table Saw, the Pros and cons of these tools.

People use a miter saw and table saw for different purposes, so there is no direct competition for it. You have to choose the saw which is suitable for your work. Understanding which saw will make your job done easily and which one will make it a bit complicated is important.

miter saw vs table saw for cross cuts

Cutting Angle With Saw

Making a design frame using wood or plywood makes a home look good. In order to make a design beautiful, you need to cut the wood/ plywood at an angle. Miter saw is the perfect choice for cutting angles of wood. When you are cutting a block of wood with a miter saw, you are able to maintain the saw. That gives you the advantage of making an angle. On the other hand, the table saw won’t let you move the saw.

Cutting Big Woods

large wood cut on table saw

If you want to cut a large piece of wood then you should prefer a table saw. You need to manage a big size of wood in order to cut it and it’s difficult to control it and cutting it at once. A table saw will help you in that case. you can put the piece of wood on the table and cut it by just pushing it. That job can also be done by a miter saw but it will be really hard for the user to maintain the wood or plywood.

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Corner Cutting

Some Woods need to get cut with sharp edges. Cutting corners of wood is much easier with a miter saw. As a miter saw gives you the privileged to move the saw, you can cut the edges of it more comfortably.

These are some points where you can’t compare these two saws because the usage of them is different. Now we are going to discuss some pros and cons of these saws.

Miter Saw Vs Table Saw: Pros and Cons

We can compare these two saws in pricing, movement, etc.


Miter saw is a lot cheaper than a table saw. Although there is a lot of quality in every saw, yet table saws are expensive. You are going to have a miter saw starting at $100 in the market and it goes up to $2000. on the other hand, Table saw starts from $200 and a high-end table saw can be up to $3000.

pricing of miter saw and table saw


Miter Saw is portable. As this saw is not attached with any equipment as the table saw does, you can take it anywhere you want. If you are using the saw in a workshop or home, you can’t always take the wood around the saw. This is the benefit of the miter saw. Table saw are attached with a table and the table is also different than the other table so you can’t remove it and insert it to another table.

Blade Variations:

The table saw has fewer options to cut the different sizes of wood because you won’t have many options to change the blade. the blade is the most essential thing in a saw. The type of blade decides what kind of cut you will get. In a miter saw, you can change the blade easily but in a table saw you have limited options.


Your purpose of cutting the wood will decide what kind of saw you want. No matter what saw you are using, you have to be careful while cutting wood or plywood. All the blades are usually sharp. There are old people and kids who stay at the house so if you are having a saw in your house, make sure you have gotten that cover or keep the blade separate from the saw.

Have a decent quality of blade for any saw you use otherwise you can meet accident any time. Wear safety gears like glass, gloves, etc while using a saw.

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